July 1, 1521

I fear that these may be my last days.  My wound has taken a turn for the worst and left me ill and weak.  I have a constant faint feeling that leaves me aching.  I believe that I have caught a sickness and that my body is slowly deteriorating.  If I no longer sail the seas I will feel unaccomplished, having never found the fountain of youth.  If I only I had it right now, I could recover and continue living.  But I don’t now, do I?  That means that this could be my very last entry.  Until I see you again, I wish the best for whoever reads this.  Live your life to fullest and never have any regrets.

Best Wishes,

Juan Ponce de Leon


June 21, 1521

We have been sailing for many days and finally reached the coasts of what we believe is La Florida again.  As we began to exit our boats we were met by the natives again and they were furious.  Without any attack from us they fought and began to fire off arrows at our ships.  Many of my men were wounded including myself.  I believe that I will make a full recovery from this wound.  We are now headed back to our main islands because of how desolate my forces have become.  Hopefully, this is not the last time that I may ever try for the fountain of youth.

March 16, 1521

After reconciling in Puerto Rico for several years the time has come for one more try at the prize which has so long eluded me, the fountain of youth.  I have acquired a task force of roughly 200 men to partake in my expedition.  We will sail once more through the West Indies into the unknown searching for eternal life.  We must strive forward and be driven by our reward and not look at any of the negative effects, just the positives.

September 27, 1514

Finally my group has landed in Spain.  Being here is the best feeling because I have longed for home for some time now.  Today I have been appoint Captain General by the King of Spain.  It is the most proud day my life.  I have never experienced achievement of this level.  Soon I will return on my journeys though and continue my search for Bimini.  This time I have more experience so I expect to find it shortly after my arrival.

January 4, 1514

We have finally returned to Puerto Rico after months of sailing.  Our job now is to put down the natives who defy Spanish rule.  There are many rebellions throughout this society so we must make them follow our laws.  We soon will return to Spain and I hope to be promoted by our royals to a higher rank for my success here in the West Indies.  This will bring great honor not only to me, but to all of my family also.

April 8, 1513

Today we discovered that the natives of this land were hostile.  Swords were drawn in combat between our two parties.  We tried to evade them as much as possible and retreat to our ships with as few casualties as possible.  Luckily, we escaped with only a few fatalities leaving our group healthy and intact.  We now head back to the islands of our past as we try to resettle and possibly make another gander at our grand feat, the fountain of youth.

April 6, 1513

My group and i are still searching throughout La Florida for the fountain of youth. Its location has evaded our exploration thus far. We beleive that it is secluded and will not be an easy discovery. Throughout our exploration we have come across some strange people on this land. No sign yet of whether or not they are hostile, but we will try to keep distance as much as possible.

April 2, 1513

Today we landed on a piece of land that forgoes where my vision can see.  I must say this is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen in my entire life.  There are vast amounts of flowers of the most extravagant colors that my eyes have ever seen.  This must be where the fountain is located, being surrounded by the most lively wildlife in the entire world.  We must be getting close I feel.  For now though, I must claim this beauty for mother Spain.  I will call it “La Florida”, signifying flowers and their amazement throughout the land.

March 23, 1513

We are sailing throughout the islands of the Bahamas. The water is crystal clear and the weather is grand. God must be in our favor today by blessing us with such a marvelous day. We sail in his glory and await our prize which I believe is soon to come. I will not write until land is found.

March 3, 1513

Today we set sail off of the coasts of Puerto Rico.  My crew and I have long been waiting for this day, to set out in search of the fountain of youth.  We will sail through the islands of the Bahamas for Bimini.  Then, I will no longer age and live a glorious life among the lives of the royals in Spain.  Hopefully this journey does not last for too long so that I may return to my home land, for I have not ventured in Spain’s waters for quite some time.  What I miss most is the fresh food in my country.  The sweet and delicate aroma makes me carry on with my daily activities with the hope that one day, I may return to the rare delicacies.